Bottled Stories: The stories behind the wine

Scan wine bottle and get the story

Our QR codes or wine IDs are the way to interesting information, additional notes, food recommendations, wine tastings or whole stories about the wine or winery.

We create transparency from the vine to bottling and tell how and where a wine was vinified and about the people behind it.

Simply enter the wine ID or name in the search bar above or use a smartphone or tablet to read the QR code on the bottle and off you go!

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Curious, but no wine at hand?
There are great wines with Bottled Story here:

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For wine producers or traders

Reach your customers in new ways, long after the sale and win over new customers interested in wine. Network with your customers where the wine is drunk. Tell your story!

We help you to collect relevant information, prepare it and make it available to you:

  • Wine CVs (information on the vintage, processing, ingredients, special features)
  • Wine archive with information on older vintages
  • Accompanying videos and visual material
  • Online-Wine-Tastings
  • Exciting comparisons between regions with climate data, vintages or growing styles